Reading 1 IS 25:6-10A, Responsorial Psalm PS 23:1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6 , Reading 2 PHIL 4:12-14, 19-20, Gospel MT 22:1-14 OR 22:1-10

In the Gospel, we hear a king who prepared a great feast for his Son and invited guests to come to the feast. However, each of the invited guests found excuses to not respond to the invitation. The king got angry for the invited guests undermined all the efforts that he had made in making everything ready for the feast. However, the refusal of the invitation by those who were considered worthy to participate in the feast made the king extend his invitation to everyone who was willing to attend the feast including the poor. The hall was then full of guests.

However, among the guests, there was one who was not well dressed for the feast. The king kicked him out. Although this may surprise us and make us think that it was unfair of the king to kick the person out for he did not get enough time to prepare for the feast because he got the invitation just before the feast started, it is important to realize that the one who noticed that the person was not dressed for the feast is the king and not the servants. As the king saw what the servants could not see and judged accordingly, God sees beyond appearances, He knows what is inside each one of us and judges us accordingly. We Christians should then be genuine in our hearts for we may be called Christians and not have Christ in our hearts.

We should seek to always be dressed for the feast that God prepared for us. A good way to achieve that is to be open to dialogue with our brothers and sisters for through that dialogue we get more disposed to love and comfort one another.

We Burundians have the capacity of adaptation to hardships and the will to support each other. This should motivate us to work toward a good future for our country and avoid any kind of pessimism, as Saint Paul said,“I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” May the blessed mother of God intercede for us.

In those few lines, I hope to have shared with you what I heard from the homily from the 6:30 AM mass of Sunday October 2020 at Mont Sion Gikungu.

The homily was delivered by Deacon Christian.

Christa Ishimwe