First Reading Is 55:10-11, Responsorial Psalm Ps 65:10, 11, 12-13, 14 , Second Reading Rom 8:18-23, Gospel Mt 13:1-23 or 13:1-9

Today’s scriptures invite us to keep faith and courage, especially in hardships, for without faith we lose hope easily. In the gospel, the parable of the sower delivers to us a very important message but sometimes we are not available to receive it. There is an anecdote about a kid who missed Sunday mass. He asked his father who went to mass what the priest had preached. The father started to scratch his head because he caught nothing from the message of the priest although the sermon was long.

 In the gospel, Jesus was in front of a tired crowd. Although He was amongst them, these people behaved like they had no God, they were without hope. Jesus saw they had no faith. At that time people were used to listen to false messages and ended up falling in more distress and sorrows instead of listening to the true message: the word of God. That’s why Jesus started preaching them by using the parable of the sower.

The sower is the Lord Himself and the seed sown is the Word of God. In the parable, there are four categories of people. The first one consists of people who refuse or are not ready to accept the word of God for example atheists or unbelievers. The second is that of people who listen to the Word and decide to be converted, but whenever tribulations come, they forget everything. This situation stresses the importance of invoking the Holy Spirit in our engagements in order to get enough strength to overcome tribulations. The third category is about people who hear the Word but worldly things prevent them to bear fruits. We run after material things and unfortunately at the end we forget to take care of our inner life. This is unfortunate because no matter what goods we get they do not give us joy. The last category includes people who listen carefully to the word and convert their lives. These people bear fruits. ‘So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; my word shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it.’ Prophet Isaiah emphasizes that the Word of God cannot leave us as it found us.

The Word of God is addressed to everyone; however, those who receive it are few. We should not be afraid of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit matures the Word differently in each of us and it gives fruits at the right time. We should be patient in our Christian journey. It is also our duty to share the Word with others especially the lost ones.

May Mother Mary intercede for us so that we may grow in our faith.

In those few lines, I hope to have shared with you what I heard from the homily from the 6:30 AM Mass prayer of July 12, 2020. It was celebrated by Fr. Jean Marie Bisimwa, Isch.